Financial, Outsourcing, Traffic Agency

P&C counts with an Oficial Outsourcing Manager - number 320 -, Certified and Registered in the Malaga Outsourcing Assosiation. This enables us to complet any process that involves Official Spanish Institutions such as:


  • Traffic Agency:
    • Car Registration.
    • Property Car Transfers .
    • Car owner Report.
    • Car address change.
    • Driving license copy. 
  • Commercial Registry:
    • Public record contracts or agreements registration.
    • Request for company information.
  • Civil Registry:
    • Manage any process related with this Official Institution.
  • Real Estate Registry:
    • Request for property information.
    • Manage any process related with this Official Institution.
  • Tax Compliance:
    • VAT forms.
    • Corporate Income Tax forms.
    • Personal Income Tax forms.
    • Forms to pay Local Taxes. (IBI, IVTM, etc).
    • Accounting.
    • Registration of Annual Accounts at the Official Commercial Chambers.
    • Business that pay taxes by Module procedure.


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Contact Person:

Elena Cabello.