Property and Neighborhood Management.

P&C counts with an Official Property ManagerRegistered and recognized by the Malaga Association of Property Managers - number 2394-.


The main task of Real Estate or Property Manager is to manage the Properties, detecting any possible issue and solve it. This can create problems with the neighbourhood, the community, tenants or the building itself. At P&C, we offer professional and official advise to all your property-related queries.


When an issue requires other professionals to be involved, P&C has agreements with Architects and other specialized professionals that can give our clients the best quality service to a reasonable price.


P&C takes care of your properties and protects your interests so you do not have to worry in the present or the future.


The team takes care of commercial, thecnic or compliance work like:

  • Any compliance work to be done.
  • Any payment that needs to be done to Official Institutions.
  • Request for permits or public documents.
  • Help in the tenant selection.
  • Insurance.


At P&C, we work for your relief and for your properties.


Click here if you wish to write us an email. We work for your confort. 


Contact Person:

Miguel Ángel Peral