Elena Cabello


Certified and Registered Outsourcing and Traffic Manager, Responsible for the Area of Financial, Outsourcing and Traffic Agency.

Languages: Spanish, English.


Professional Career:

Co-Founder at P&C Legal and Tax Advisors, Elena is responsible for developing all financial, outsourcing and traffic work.

Specialities include in traffic, car paperwork and accounting.   


From 2002 until 2003 she worked at De la Riva, Burgos & Ortega Lawfirm in Marbella. From 2004 until 2005 she developed the Mortages area at Barclays Bank, being responsible for all the Mortages agreed withing the Málaga area.


Educational background:

Bachelor of Law, Universidad de Sevilla (2003).

Course in Town Planning (2003).

Masters Degree in Tax Advisory, ICADE (2004)

Official Certificate and Registration, Malaga Outsourcing Managers (2006).